Harvest Season

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Hello Everyone, Harvest season is here, and finishing up for most. Though we haven't had a frost here in Whitefield, the gardens are mostly harvested. I love that there are a few herbs who still have bright beautiful blossoms, the bees and other pollinators are taking good advantage of these last blooms of the season. Calendula is one who blooms till the very end, and there are a few hyssop, anise hyssop, marshmallow and more who put out just a few blossoms this time of year. Mostly, they are tucking in for the winter. Dying back and conserving their energy to make it through the cold dormant season. I always marvel at plants ability to do this. It is a miracle of Mother Nature that they can pull their vital energy into their center and become dormant, sustaining life even though outwardly they appear dead. Then when the sun becomes strong they burst forth from earth and become new again. I feel this is good medicine for us as well. Releasing what we no longer need, simplifying and tucking in to preserve our vitality for the next season. We don't often allow ourselves this renewing time, this time of rest.

It has been a couple weeks or so since I wrote. Now the plants are turning brown, softening in the fall rains. You can plainly see the vitality of the plant has drawn down into the earths soils. Gardening has so many lessons to teach. Lesson that can be seen in all of Nature, gardening simply gives us a connection to Nature. I tend our gardens here in wonder. These plants can grow fully into themselves from a tiny tiny seed, they  grow tall, make flowers to reproduce, then they know how to pull all that life force deep into their roots. The heart of a plant is just there below the soil, where the green tops meet the beautiful roots. I often see tiny earth worms in the heartwood of an herb. Such a protected place. Warmed with the life energy of the herb, the plant, I imagine. Now that the herbs have drawn back down into their hearts, we are digging the medicinal roots. We have dug the elecampane, ashwagandha, angelica, valerian, echinacea, marshmallow and japanese knot weed.  This is when the root medicine is strongest, when it contains the full vitality of the plant. All that vital energy, the life force gathered to take the plant through winter. Amazingly the plants, the animals, the tiny worms, all creatures of nature know how to survive intertwined with Great Mother Earth. When I see the tiny birds flitting around in the snow storms, I marvel at the wonder of it all. I see this tucking in to the heart happen with people too. Deep winter is often infused with deep connections with in families and friendships. A softening  happens to our hearts, we become more heart centered, sharing more love and kindness, generosity. We shed some old ways, let some things go and bring our energy into our hearts. We call it the holidays. 

Thanks for listening to my thoughts in the wind.

Melissa Dawn                                                                                11/1/18

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