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Seasons come as Mother Nature decides, not the paper calendar man created. It seems Mother would have us in winter already this year. We have six inches of snow from two storms. There is frost in the ground, and temperatures are not getting much above freezing. I wouldn't say if it will stay or give repreve before continuing, but it is here now. I love it, winter, there is a calmness that no other season offers. I feel I can sit still for a spell and breath. Perhaps it comes from living a life inline with Nature enough that the weather and seasons regularly influence what my work of the day is. Seeds are planted when the sun returns and warmth builds, this is their season. This is a busy season of new life and new growth. The gardens may be weeks away from bloom and greenery, but life is stirring within. As this life and warmth grows we come into the season where expression is at its fullest. The plants are showing full life, offering themselves, flowers and fruits for harvest. The energy is high during this time, life is bursting forth, energy being fully expressed. Then as the energy wains, after all you can't give forever without rest and recuperation, life force is put into fruits to bear food and seeds, and into the roots. This is the beginning of the tucking in of life. A plant that only lives one high season will put all its vital energy into its fruit and seed for the next generation. A plant that will return for another season of growth will draw all its vitality into its roots, into its core or heart. Here is sustains itself, drawn in close, conserving stores from the full expression during the high season. This is a deeper,slower energy, less busy, more reflective. This is how the plants spend this cold season, by going within. Perhaps that is why I like it so well, it's a time to go within, to reflect, to gather your energies in and recoup and refocus. It is a good time to reflect on your blessings, to give thanks, to show appreciation and to give back. So, let's go within, let's draw our breath deeply and look with in. How are we refilling our cups to recover from all the energy we give away. How are we drawing our energies back to ourselves? What can we learn by bringing our focus and energy to our center, our heart? When we bring all our finery in, our outward expression in, what do we find? This deep energy, if you are unsure of what it feels like, go to the woods. Find a place that is away from roads and noise, people. Dress warmly. Sit there, just be there. Find an old tree to sit and lean your back on. Listen, notice, observe, look around, breath, walk slowly if you desire. Let your mind drift, there is no to do list here. There is no time, no pressure, no expectation, no money, no things, no work, no technology, there is nothing but you and Nature. Notice how you feel when you arrive, then stay for at least half an hour, then notice how you feel when you leave. If you don't notice a change, go again and keep going until you feel the deep slow energy of the earth and winter flowing in you. It's like coming home to the safest place you can imaging and being filled with unconditional love. May all your hearts be filled with gratitude and generosity, peace and compassion.

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