Chickadee Morning Lesson

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This mornings lesson, a series of events that seem ordinary and perhaps random. Only life is not ordinary, that's like "normal"....what is that really? Random, no these events had a synchronicity to them. I awoke with the sun, to a day of my own. Meaning I had no scheduled events planned with other people, just my own to do list. Working for your self brings days like this, requiring self discipline to stick to the list. As is my custom I sat by the window and watched the birds at the feeder while I drank my tea. This is such a peaceful way to begin the day. This quiet solitude was broken by a phone call from a friend, she wished to thank me for sharing my salves with her. While receiving this gratitude from her, I saw a sweet little chickadee fly into my window. She hit hard enough to stun herself, and she fell to the ground. When the brief phone call ended, I went outside to see how chickadee was doing, and to make sure my cats didn't see her first. She sat still holding on to a small piece of dry grass on the ground. She didn't shy away or startle when I slowly and gently approached her. I reached down and picked her up. Cupping my hands around her tiny body, I could see her left eye was closed and the feathers a bit disturbed. I could feel her heart beating but she wasn't fearful of me. I held her gently and offered her reiki, love and a quiet song. I could see she was still in a bit of shock, and stunned. I was admiring her tiny feathers, her black cap and her strength. Her friends chattered away in the lilac bush and continued to take turns at  the feeder. We stayed like this for a few minutes. Thankfully, this morning is mild at 28 degrees. I hadn't dressed for standing outside for long, so I slowly carried chickadee inside with me. She sat so calmly in my hands, no struggle, no attempt to fly. As I hummed and offered reiki I saw her eyes close gently, she seemed to sleep briefly. Her beak opened and closed, and I continued to feel her heart beating in her chest. I could see she was going deep to heal the impact of hitting the window. Once I was warmer and she opened her eyes, we stepped back outside. She now kept her left eye open along with her right and her head picked up. I opened my hand to allow her to fly when she was ready. She continued to sit perched on my finger. I hummed, continued reiki and gently pet her feathers with my fingertip. She was looking more and more alert, as I shifted my hands she took flight and landed upon my head. Had I been warmer I'd have sat on my steps and waited longer. I don't have the ability to stay warm outside at 28 degrees as these amazing animals do. She was so tiny, tinier than a new born chicken. Her friends looked so much bigger because they had their feathers fluffed out, and she didn't. I marvel at their abilities to survive. I wondered about the comparative impact of hitting the window. What would that be like for me? How long would it take me to recover from this? We spent only  few moments together. Soon after resting upon my head, she took flight. It was an uncertain flight, looking for another place to rest and recover more, she flew around the corner of my home. I had to marvel at the moment, the gift of holding this wild bird in the palm of my hand. How strong these tiny animals are, having abilities we lack. She didn't call on another to help her heal from this trauma. Unless you believe she called me to her. She went within, she rested, she trusted, she surrendered, she healed. 

Then I went to one of my favorite books, Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews. What lesson does chickadee offer? This is a summary what Ted shares. Her cycle of power is spring, and cheerful and truthful expression is her keynote. Chickadee is brave, she will take on birds much bigger than she. The black cap I admirred is associated with higher mind perceptions and the thinking process because it is on the head. Black is the color of the feminine, the great mystery and the womb of life. Chickadee can help us uncover the great mysteries of the mind and perceive more clearly in the dark. She is the bird of truth to the Cherokee Indians, helping us pinpoint truth and knowledge. There are 7 kinds of chickadees. The number seven is a sacred number, a symbol of the individual rising from the material plane of life. Seven is associated with the seven chakras in our bodies. When these chakras are in balance we see the truth around us clearly and speak truth more cheerfully. Chickadee can aid us in expressing the truth in a manner that heals, balances, and opens the perceptions. Truth shared in this manner adds cheer and joy to the lives of others, and your own life. ~Thank you Ted Andrews.

What a lovely way to start the day. 

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