Herbal Consultations

Are you interested in using Herbs to encourage health? Do you want to learn more about how common plants can aid us along our path, or using herbs to encourage overall health, but don't know where to start?  Lets get together for a consultation and explore the options. Consultations take about an hour and a half, I have you fill out a medical history form, we have a nice easy talk that gives me a full picture of you and we will discuss what your looking to bring about in your health and which plant friends can assist you along your path. Once a plan has been chosen and implemented, we have one or two follow up appointments to check in about what is working, what may not be and what changes we would like to make in the next step. Follow up appointments take about an hour and are $50 each. 

 To schedule an appointment, please find online scheduling under massage therapy, or call or text 207-446-7575 or email me at NaturalDawnings@gmail.com. 

*These statements have not been validated by the FDA and these products  and services are not intended to treat, cure or prevent nor diagnose any disease or condition. This information is for educational and anecdotal purposes only.