Angelica Root Extract

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Angelica (archangelica) root has a strong bitter flavor. The plant grows about 3-4 feet tall, with leaves that remind me of celery but larger. The stems are hollow and quite strong. They roots show the spirit of the plant is strong as well. Angelica is one of those plants whose scent is ancient. It takes me back to a place of memories. These roots were harvested in the fall of the first year. Once we had asked permission from Angelica to harvest her, and received her blessing, we cut the tops from the roots and left them on the garden as ground cover and mulch for the winter season. We dug the roots and brought them in to be washed and processed. The root hearts and tops were returned to the garden as well. These plant tops remained green for many weeks. The deer came into the herb gardens in the fall and trimmed the tops of many herbs. They dug into the snow for many weeks for these angelica tops. I was amazed how long they stayed vital. This, to me, is a testament to the healing energy Angelica has to offer us. Strong, upright, powerful, deep vitality. 

Always consult a qualified practitioner before adding any herbal supplements to your diet. Do not consume Angelica if pregnant. 

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