Herbal Consultation

  • $75.00

Consultation appointments take about an hour and a half. We sit together and talk about your medical history, lifestyle, work, diet, self care, family medical history and personal health goals. Together we discuss options that will help you attain your goals, like herbs  and/or dietary and lifestyle changes. We choose ways to implement these additions or changes that will fit you the best. For example, would herbal infusions or extracts be the most likely to become integrated into your daily routine. This is a teamwork process, we work together for your greatest good. The initial appointment is followed up with two more meetings or conversations to see how the original plan is working out, if it has been put into practice and what the results have been. At this point we evaluate any further changes or additions.


 *These statements have not been validated by the FDA and these products  and services are not intended to treat, cure or prevent nor diagnose any disease or condition. This information is for educational and anecdotal purposes only.