Pine & Meadowsweet Salve

  • $10.00

I wild gather pine (pinus strobus) and meadowsweet (spiraea alba) from clean wild areas with deep respect for these plant beings and what they have to offer us. Meadowsweet grows along the edge of fields and open spaces. One of this plants constituents is salicylic acid, the same as willow, and aspirin. Pine has the ability along with beeswax to draw deep into our bodies tissues these properties as well as offering similar relief.*

"I came home with the worst back ache from trimming trees all day. I used your Pine & Meadowsweet salve all over my back. Oh my word! I have never felt anything like that! I also used it on my torn shoulders when they ache, nothing has ever worked like your salve. Can you please send us more?"* Don D.

"I had body aches so bad from the flu, I used your Pine & Meadowsweet salve all over my body and forehead. It gave me relief and I was able to rest. Thank you!"* Becky N.



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