Pine Syrup Plus

  • $12.00

This supportive formula contains nine herbs, including Pine needles & branches, Elecampane root, Usnea, Milky oats & straw, Lemon balm, St John's wort, Wild Bergamot, Hyssop and Thyme, raw local honey and Brandy. Pine tree needles are wonderful for our lungs, and high in Vit C, elecampane is also a lung herb, as well as for colds and congestion. Usnea is the forests gift to the immune system. Milky oats is food for our nervous system, and more. Lemon balm and St Johns are antiviral, antibacterial and calming, uplifting as well. Wild Bergamot is a specific for colds. Hyssop is also antiseptic along with thyme which is a time honored herb for the throat and lungs. They all have more to offer and together the blend to make a supportive power house syrup. One I have been called to create and offer to you.




Please be aware that this product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any condition. Always consult a qualified practitioner before using any herbal products. These statements have not be evaluated by the FDA.