Rosemary Salve

  • $10.00

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) salve made with fresh clippings from my organically grown Rosemary plants. It smells good enough to eat! You could eat it as the three ingredients are edible, but I prefer to massage it onto my stiff and painful joints.* My rosemary plants spend the summer outside and the winter in my home. I feed them my own organic compost. Folk lore says a flourishing rosemary plant is a sign of a strong woman leading the household. This salve is made with olive oil infused with rosemary and beeswax.


"I love your Rosemary salve, it keeps me knitting!" ~Martha T.*

"I use Natural Dawnings Rosemary salve on my hands, it really helps with my joint pain. I am very impressed with the salve." Sue G. *

"I applied a small amount to my hands every night for two weeks. I can now move my hands with more ease and less pain. I keep this salve on hand and use it regularly" Mary H.*


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